| Photography by Jonathan Ley | Oregon Cascades | Mt. Hood

Mount Hood is about 50 linear miles east of Portland, OR. There are a number of trailheads around the mountain. The most popular access point, Timberline Lodge, is on the south side of the mountain, north from Hwy 26 & the small town of Government Camp.
You don't need any special parking permit to park at Timberline Lodge (except in winter, when you'll need a sno-park pass). At most of the other trailheads, you'll need a NW Forest Pass in the summer or a sno-park pass in the winter (at those trailheads that double as sno-parks).
View from Chinidere
Mid-day on Chinidere
Autumn Arrival
Flowers of Another Sort
Big Zig
Colorful Mountainsides
Clark's Nutcracker
Corn Lily
Zigzag River
Parting Clouds
Paradise Park
Mt. Hood View
Jagged Cliffs
Hiking Mt. Hood
Townsends Solitaire
Lost Lake Forest
Mirror Mirror
Clear View
Lost Lake Scene
Lawrence Lake
Windy Day on Mt. Hood
Light on Rocks
Clouds on the Mt. Hood Summit
Into the Wilderness
Climbing Mt. Hood
Illumination Saddle
Pillows of Ice
Mt. Hood Camp
After the Storm
Cold Snap
Silcox Hut
Silcox Slopes
Crisp Morning
Ramona Falls Closeup
Alpine Slopes of Mt. Hood
Yocum Ridge
Moss and Mushroom
Elliot Glacier is Melting
Volcanic Hiking
Mt. Hood View
Pollination Happening Here
Mt. Adams in the Distance
Winter Treetop
Cooper Spur Shelter in Winter
Cooper Spur Winter
Frozen Timberline Trail Marker
Cooper Spur Skiers
Paradise Park Stream
Beargrass in Bloom
Paradise Park View
Paradise Park Flowers
View of Mt. Hood
Frozen Stream
Lonely Tree
Weathered Tree
McNeil Point
Ramona Falls
High on the Timberline Trail
Elliot Glacier
Mountain Cat's Ear
Cooper Spur Shelter
Parting Clouds on Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood Ridge
The Hogsback
Summit Ice
Illumination Rock
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