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CDT Links
This isn't intended to be a comprehensive link of CDT resources, and is in no particular order. But I hope it'll help you learn more about the CDT and plan for a hike.

Backcountry.net is home to the CDT-L mailing list. This has traditionally be "the place" where former, current and future CDT hikers trade information, stories, and just hang out. If you subscribe to the list, you can post a message that goes to everyone else who's subscribed. You can choose to get every e-mail that's posted, or just a regular summary. The CDT-L has never been as busy as it's counterparts, the PCT-L, and AT-L. Recently the server crashed, and a lot of people dropped-off the list (as of late 2007). But, hopefully it'll grow again. Anyway, you can check the CDT-L archives for all the past postings, which cover a lot of topics along the CDT.

If you're planning a CDT thru-hike, one of the most important things to consider is the snow pack situation. Postholer.com has put together a handy interface that summarizes all the government sno-tel stations along the CDT. In addition, there are all kinds of other interesting things on postholer.com - journals, summary of CDT news, maps, and more...

CDT Society
The CDTS publishes a series of guidebooks commonly refereed to as "the CDTS guides" or "the Jim Wolf guides", as well as a regular newsletter. The CDT community owes a ton to the efforts of Jim Wolf who heads the CDTS. Jim had done a lot of behind-the-scenes bureaucratic leg-work to help keep the CDT fresh in the minds of local government agencies. He's also put in a lot of effort arguing for and helping to establish a hiking route that is wild in character, and hiker-friendly.

CDT Town List
This is an informal list of resupply stops and mailing addresses along the CDT.

CDNST Interagency Coordination
This page serves as a hub for the many government agencies who have a hand in developing the CDT. There's quite a lot of interesting stuff here.

Dozens of CDT journals will help you get an idea of what the CDT is all about. Check out their sister site at trailforums.com as well for interesting postings on the CDT.

Yogi's CDT Handbook
Yogi hiked the CDT a few years ago. She researched and compiled the first edition of her CDT guidebook in 2006. The most useful part of this (in my opinion) is the exhaustive list of town information along the CDT. If you have any questions about resupply along the CDT, Yogi's guide will answer it.

Hiker & other web pages
There are a lot of hiker & "trail friends" web pages... new ones all the time. I can't even try to have a comprehensive list of these, some have journals, some have maps, some have all kinds of stuff... here are a few:

Scarlet and Wildflower's hike - A DVD of a hike along the trail in 2007. Lots of fun!
pmags.com - Paul Magnanti's site
rainmaker's planning site
- lots of links
Jim & Ginny's site
- with lots of info & opinions
Charlotte & Jerome's site
Brian Robinson - Did a lot of hiking...
Tom bombabci's web site - a NM local...
Francis Tapon's site - a real life yo yo.
rawhike.com - just plain nuts... not even roasted!
8 Arms Bakery is the creation of Jen Owenby, fellow hiker. If you live in Olympia Washington - check it out!

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