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CDT Overview

New for 2014, this handy link shows you where the maps are located in a bigger context, with a handy overlay on Google Maps. 

Click here to go directly to Google Maps. Note: You have to use Google Maps "classic view" to see the overlays. 

If you want to download the .kml file that makes this work, I'll post that when it's done (the file name keeps changing during the editing process). You can then open the .kml file in other software, such as Google Earth, or your favorite gis software. 

Printing the Overlay maps
If you try to print these view straight from Google Maps, it might not work (you get a nice map, but the overlays disappear). When I get all these done, I'll export them into a series of printable .gif files and post them here. I'm guessing there will be about 10 overview maps.  

Currently, the map locations are fairly accurate (though, not precise). The trail location shows the CDT circa 2004-7 (so, you might see some strange things, like the Antelope Wells route in New Mexico), but I'm slowly updating this to match the 2014 route... so, just check back soon.  


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