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My PCT Experience

The Pacific Crest Trail is a continuous~2650 mile long trail that is routed primarily along the spine of mountains on the west coast of the US.  This following is my account of a through hike (hiking the entire length of the trail in one season) of the PCT during 1999.  The Pacific Crest Trail Association publishes a 2-volume set of guidebooks which contain topographic maps and written descriptions of the trail.  These guidebooks split the trail into 29 sections identified by letter (California "A" through "Q", and Oregon/Washington "A" through "L").  This web site is organized the same way.  Each section contains  pictures and text for that section, just click on the links below!... 

The pictures are all different sizes, and they're all in .jpg format.   Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures, use your browser's "back" button to return to the text.

I've tried to scan the better photos at higher resolution. 

Section A:  Mexican Border to Warner Springs
Section B:  Warner Springs to San Gorgonio Pass (I-10)

Section C:  San Gorgonio Pass (I-10) to Cajon Pass (I-15)

Section D:  Cajon Pass (I-15) to Agua Dulce

Section E:  Agua Dulce to Tehachapi Pass (Hwy 58)

Section F:  Tehachapi Pass (Hwy 58) to Walker Pass (Hwy 178)

Section G:  Walker Pass (Hwy 178) to Mt. Whitney

Section H:  Mt. Whitney to Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite NP)

Section I:  Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite NP) to Sonora Pass (Hwy 108)

Section J:  Sonora Pass (Hwy 108) to Echo Lake

Section K:  Echo Lake to Donner Pass (near I-80)

Section L:  Donner Pass (near I-80) to Sierra City (Hwy 49)

Section M:  Sierra City (Hwy 49) to Belden (Hwy 70)

Section N:  Belden (Hwy 70) to Burney Falls

Section O:  Burney Falls to Castella (I-5)

Section P:  Castella (I-5) to Etna Summit (Hwy 3)

Section Q:  Etna Summit (Hwy 3) to Seiad Valley (Hwy 96)

Section A:  Seiad Valley (Hwy 96) to Siskiyou Pass (I-5)
Section B:  Siskiyou Pass (I-5) to Fish Lake (Hwy 140)

Section C:  Fish Lake (Hwy 140) to Hwy 138

Section D:  Hwy 138 to Willamette Pass (Hwy 58)

Section E:  Willamette Pass (Hwy 58) to McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242)

Section F:  McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242) to Barlow Pass (Hwy 35)

Section G:  Barlow Pass (Hwy 35) to Cascade Locks (I-84)

Section H:  Cascade Locks (I-84) to White Pass (I-12)
Section I:  White Pass (I-12) to Snoqualmie Pass (I-90)

Section J:  Snoqualmie Pass (I-90) to Stevens Pass (Hwy 2)
Section K:  Stevens Pass (Hwy 2) to Rainy Pass (Hwy 20)
Section L:  Rainy Pass (Hwy20) to Manning Park (Hwy 3)

In the end... afterthoughts.

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